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Top 10 Fat Loss Hacks
to Boost a Sluggish Metabolism
  •               Optimize your metabolism
  • 5x your fat burning
  •      Feel great in your skin
This Keto Nutritionist & Coach Is Giving Away Her 10 Favorite Hacks to Boost Fat Loss. Claim your free checklist here...
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Mariana Campos
(lost over 105lbs)
Kristina finds what works for you and I like that she made me feel independent. She doesn't judge if you go off track but holds you accountable.
In This FREE Download, I'll Show You:
#1 Are you eating for your metabolic type?
Identify which of the 3 types you might be and learn how eating for your type leads to the greatest fat loss.
#3 This exercise burns a surprising amount of fat!
Do it at this time of day to increase results
#2 Add this simple drink to your morning routine
It has been clinically shown to double your fat burn
#4 Be done eating by this hour 
When the sun sets, our organs become dormant including our pancreas (which produces insulin). What should your eating window be? Learn more here.
and more...
Hi, I'm Kristina Hess!
An elite health coach and licensed dietitian-nutritionist. I can help you kick sugar, lose weight and achieve optimal blood markers. Your age doesn’t matter. I have worked with people of all ages from 14-81. Even more gratifying than watching pounds melt off is witnessing greater confidence, happiness and aliveness in my clients. It is especially rewarding when medications are dropped.

These 10 fat loss hacks will turn you into a fat-burning machine. Without these quick tips you can keep spinning your wheels trying diet after diet without lasting success.

With it, you can eliminate the ‘nutrition noise’ and follow simple guidelines that will optimize fat burning no matter what nutrition protocol you decide to follow.

To your health and success,


Download Kristina's Top 10 Fat Loss Hacks!
We will help you optimize your metabolism