A complete 28-day keto meal plan guide to make keto easier (and more delicious) than trying it by yourself. 
Weekly Keto Recipes

Unlock over a years worth of new, mouth-watering Keto meals that will make you too full to cheat — Every Single Month for a year! 

Licensed Dietitian Kristina Hess finally reveals her lip-smacking secrets to making delicious meals that force your body into ketosis (without starving yourself, spending hours in the kitchen, or depriving yourself of savory snacks and desserts).

  • 365 days of finger-licking, fat-burning recipes — including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and (yes!) even dessert recipes so delicious you won’t need a “cheat day.”
  • ​Simple and done-for-you recipe ideas that you can cook up in 30 minutes or less (even if you’re a terrible cook and hate grocery shopping!) 
  • Meals proven to burn fat and stop cravings in their tracks to help you lose weight with less effort, less frustration, and less hunger pangs 
  • ​“Cheat-proof” recipes designed to help you lose up to 10 pounds in as little as 28 days (without spending every waking moment in the kitchen and gym) 
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